Probate Lawyers in Mississauga

Probate is a term that confuses many of us. Put simply, probate is both a tax (the Estate administration tax) and the process by which an executor is formally appointed to administer an Estate.

We at NIKA LAW can prepare probate applications for individual or corporate trustees (trust companies) whether the deceased died with a Will or intestate (without a Will) in any Superior Court within Ontario. We have been successful in probating Wills within three (3) to four (4) months on average.

Together with applying for probate, we provide you with Comprehensive Executor advice and checklists to guide you through the administration process.


As of 2017, the Ministry of Finance introduced the filing requirement of the Estate Information Return, commonly referred to as the “EIR” which executors are required to file within 180 days of being appointed as the estate administrator (now called the Estate Trustee). It is not uncommon for an estate lawyer to file this return on behalf of the appointed Estate Trustee.

Please inquire about our fixed-fee pricing for probate applications and estate information return filings.