“Death is not the end. There remains the litigation over the estate.”
                        – Ambrose Bierce

Estate lawsuits are not uncommon. Co-Executors do not always see eye to eye on how an estate is to be administered. Beneficiaries may not trust that the Executor is carrying out the wishes of a testator in accordance with a Will. Some people with an expectation of an inheritance find themselves largely disappointed in the reading of a Will.

We at NIKA LAW pride ourselves on our sharp advocacy skills. We are excellent legal researchers and will work tirelessly to find the precedents that best support your position.

While taking a matter to trial may serve as the only recourse in some situations, we understand that litigation is a costly endeavour both in terms of fees and time. Where possible, we encourage our clients to work towards settling their cases through mediation and/or arbitration. We are competent and confident negotiators and always aiming to achieve the best outcome for our clients.


• Dependant’s Relief Applications
Will Challenges
• Challenging Power of Attorney Authority
• Executor Disputes
• Executor Removal/Replacement
Trust Litigation
• Passing of Accounts
• Contested Guardianship Applications