Bobby (Bahador) Khani - Associate Lawyer at NIKA LAW LLP

Bobby (Bahador) Khani

Associate Lawyer

Email: [email protected]
Phone: 905-602-7371


Bobby (Bahador) Khani is an Associate Lawyer at NIKA LAW LLP, where he practices exclusively in the area of estate litigation. Prior to joining the firm, Bobby practiced in civil litigation, focusing on personal injury and tort matters and therefore understands the challenges and emotional toll that lawsuits have on his clients.

Bobby is an empathetic and resolution-oriented lawyer. He spends the time necessary to understand his clients needs and ultimate goals and takes steps to wherever possible negotiate a favourable outcome to mitigate a full hearing or trial of the issues before the Court.

Bobby is a proud graduate of the Michigan State University Law Program and has a Certificate as a Civil Facilitative Mediator. Prior to law school Bobby worked in the real estate industry for several years, gaining valuable negotiating experience. His academic background is in business, having graduated from York University with a Bachelor of Administration in Finance.

Fun facts: Bobby worked with the Athletics Department at Michigan State University while attending law school, focusing on compliance matters for student athletes and after he graduated, he went on to do a work placement at the Ingham County Probate Court, in Michigan where he developed his interest in estates.

Bobby’s diverse experiences have taught him the importance of understanding the concerns of all parties involved to bridge gaps between adversarial parties.

Outside of the office Bobby enjoys playing basketball and spending time in nature, exploring the many trails and conservation areas Ontario has to offer.