Canada’s aging demographic needs attention.

We at NIKA LAW are dedicated to seniors’ advocacy and through our engagement with the community, elder abuse networks, private care companies and seniors at large, we strive to be leaders in the quest for change.

The aging process is undeniably relentless. With age, you may experience cognitive decline and other vulnerabilities that make you a target of abuse, manipulation and undue influence. Navigating these issues are often very troublesome and sensitive, both for the individual and his or her surrounding family and friends.
As trusted professionals, we aim to work with families to find practical solutions while respecting the autonomy of the elder.


• Negligence
• Power of Attorney Abuse
• Managing Incapacity
• Guardianship Applications
• End-of-Life and After-Life Directives
• Elder Abuse
• Predatory Marriage
• Undue Influence

We understand that often, seniors are unable to physically come to us.  We would be happy to come to you.

Please inquire about our in-home services.

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