Estate Administration with the Cutting-Edge Technology of Estateably

Technology is essential in law, as many lawyers work remotely, and their clients need to access files easily. A secure and cloud-based system is a must, and our team here at NIKA LAW can provide you with peace of mind in this regard. 

Our firm specializes in estate litigation, estate planning, executory advisory services, and elder law. We care about our clients and are committed to offering the best services, and this is why our firm is on top of technology. We understand its importance in this field. We prioritize technology, allowing our estate lawyers and clerks to work more efficiently to meet the needs of our clients. If you are interested in protecting your legacy or need to challenge a will, probate an estate, or contest guardianship, we are ready to help.

Estateably’s cloud-based estate administration system for executors (aka estate trustees) allows us to connect with clients as files can be accessed remotely, and all of the information we have is backed up securely, so there is no risk of lost or deleted data. 

This software is great because it marries knowledge of legal estate requirements with an exceptional client experience.  The developers of this software understood our needs and addressed our requirements when updating the platform.  We were able to provide them with our feedback on the aspects that worked and the ones that needed to be improved.  The current product meets the needs of estate lawyers and clerks. 

Estateably provides firms with several benefits, including customizable workflows, the automation of labour-intensive processes like generating letters and forms and the easy creation of estate accounting reports. Clients can also access the information and records directly (if needed). 

Please check out the article we made discussing Estateably on their website.

If you are looking for reputable estate lawyers in Mississauga who genuinely care about their clients and remain on the cutting-edge of technology, NIKA LAW is your answer. Contact our firm today to learn more. 

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